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Shmini: Unleashing Forces of Protection

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Essential Zohar

In this lecture, Ruth explores the secrets of Shmini and how we can connect to the special completion, happiness and protection available at the end of Pisces and the first days of Aries before Pesach.  We learn why Rav Shimon had the power to cancel any decree or negative force in the world and how we too, can awaken unlimited positive energy from the Upper Worlds to help us overcome chaos in our lives.

Key Highlights

    •    Tapping into an impenetrable shield of protection around us
    •    Creating protection in our lives by engaging in every possible positive action
    •    In times of chaos and judgment, we need to be connected to community
    •    Everything we do, every thought, even the purity and impurity of the food we eat, influences our internal energy
    •    The rainbow was given to mankind as a sign indicating imbalance and as a tool of control in times of judgment in the world
    •    Fulfillment emanates from completion and wholeness, independent of places, people, or situations.
    •    To make a true connection to the Light we must be in a place of happiness, allowing us to have affinity to the Light
    •    The goal is to be on the right path, doing what we are supposed to be doing
    •    Happiness is a tool we have to indicate how close we are to fulfilling our purpose
    •    Remvoing the limiting calculations of our mind and finding our true path: doing what is right even if it is not logical
    •    Water as a purifying element and its connection to Light