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Tazria-Metzora: Priorities and Balancing Opposites

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Essential Zohar

Join Ruth as she explores how the combined portion of Tazria-Metzorah not only helps us cleanse negativity as represented by leprosy in this week's portion, but also achieve balance and set priorities when we are faced with challenges and obstacles.

Key Highlights

    •    The significance of Aries and Taurus and the transition of energy
    •    Leprosy affects three levels and is revealed in stages
    •    Removing leprosy (tzara’at) is the process of removing pain (tzara’at)
    •    Sitatuions, diseases, and energy do not disappear but are transformed
    •    Revealing Light by going through darkness
    •    Effort then receiving or receiving then effort
    •    The Omer
    •    Enjoying abundance and restricting negativity
    •    Injecting balance between expending energy and holding back
    •    Recognizing blessing through its opposite: wise and stupid, light and dark, sweet and bitter
    •    Value of opposites: existence of darkness allows us to recognize the value of the Light
    •    Our words are either positive or negative; there are no neutral words
    •    Judgment and pain follows the blessing of birth and creation
    •    Converting judgment to mercy: blood of childbirth and breast milk
    •    Balance comes from correct priorities
    •    Living in two realities: the Light is always present even when we only see the illusion of lack
    •    Leprosy is not just a physical disease but is also a spiritual condition
    •    Levels of concealment and criticizing a friend in private
    •    Physical challenges that we face are only an indication of a spiritual shift that needs to occur
    •    The Light communicates through physical manifestation