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Yitro: Manifesting Thought Into Reality

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Essential Zohar

With the Portion of Yitro we have the opportunity of finding personal release – the sense of inner freedom with nothing holding us back. Join Ruth as she explains the process of upgrading our senses to a higher level to guide us from the potential-thought stage to manifesting them in reality. We learn how to recognize and overcome the negative aspects that hold us back on the path to finding fulfillment.

Key Highlights
  • Moving to a higher spiritual place where we gain insight and can make the right choices
  • Learning versus inspiration: the magic of "seeing voices and hearing what we see" in order know our path
  • Moses and the Israelites saw voices at Mount Sinai
  • Experiencing a spiritual cleansing: washing away layers of negativity to connect to higher levels of clarity
  • Focusing on the good and letting negative aspects be a small factor
  • The purpose of wisdom: eliminating veils that prevent us from seeing the Light
  • Receiving the Torah and the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai: the gift of manifesting reality
  • Bridging the gap between thoughts and reality: a perfect idea requires time and effort to manifest
  • Accepting there is a process even when we do not see the results we expect
  • Accepting and admitting when we have made a mistake and continuing on the path
  • We find fulfillment when we hold on to the level of potential, the perfect thought, regardless of mistakes we make