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In The Name of Love

1. The Nature of a Relationship

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In The Name of Love
In The Name of Love Course + Ebook : Spiritual Rules of Engagement

Relationships that reach their highest potential give life great meaning and happiness. They give each partner a real sense of self and purpose, and can be the truest source of strength.

In this series for singles and couples, Monica draws on her life experience as a wife and teacher to share reliable, time-tested kabbalistic ways to directly benefit your relationships - and to make you happier, stronger and more fulfilled.

Monica invites you to email her any questions at askmonica@kabbalah.com

Key Highlights
  • Romantic love versus unconditional love
  • Hearing each other, respecting each other and human dignity in all relationships
  • Emotionally intelligent marriages
  • The nature of a relationship
  • Fights and conflicts: Finding our unique fighting style
  • Establishing rules of engagement: never below the belt and setting parameters for fights
  • The Four Horsemen: criticism, contempt, defensiveness and stone walling
  • Building intimacy in relationships
  • Turning towards each other