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Parenting with Consciousness

Parenting from the Inside Out

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Parenting with Consciousness
Parenting With Conciousness Course + Ebook: The Way of The Kabbalist

Join Michal Berg, the President of SFK as she shares insights into being a parent, raising children and her personal experiences as a mother of five.


As President of SFK, Michal works to bring its ground-breaking programs to young people everywhere, by making them widely available to educators and caregivers who want to make a real difference in children’s lives.With a commitment to the welfare of children, and her belief in Karen Berg’s revolutionary vision that the children of the world desperately need universal spiritual tools to overcome the challenges they face, Michal is actively making the mission of SFK a reality.

While overseeing the global operations of SFK, Michal ensures the expansion and integrity of the programs by building continuous improvements to the curriculum in order to serve as many children as possible, at the highest level. By constantly seeking new ways to bring awareness to the needs of children, Michal is dedicated in her pursuit to introduce universal spiritual tools into the education system. Her background in curriculum development, large-scale production and executive-level management has helped Michal build SFK from a small classroom to an international non-profit organization now reaching thousands of children in seven countries around the world.


Key Highlights
  • The desire to have children
  • Raising children to discover our soul and tikun
  • Becomeing a teacher: doing what we teach
  • Every moment is a teachable moment
  • Making mistakes, moving on after mistakes and being honest about mistakes
  • What we teach our children:

Physical and spiritual independence: being present and not overly present in our children's lives

Boundaries: building respect and appreciation, avoiding Bread of Shame: letting children make small decisions

Active listening: 1. Eve contact 2. Pause before answering 3. Asking open ended questions

Becoming an astrologer: not labeling our children, using astrology to reach them

  • Parenting is an evolving process
  • Helping children have it all
  • Telling children no with an explanation
  • Positive reinforcement before sleep
  • Putting others' needs first
  • Getting our buttons pushed: challenges are for us to find new ways to do things
  • Three steps for dealing with challenges: 1. Identify my part 2. Identify child's tikun in this challenge 3. restrict and think before answering
  • Teaching children how to recieve
  • Self-reflection exercise
  • Focusing on what we need to be and letting go of what our children need to be