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Power of Kabbalah Level 2

1: Identifying Our Personal Tikun

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Power of Kabbalah Level 2
Power of Kabbalah Level 2 + Ebook: True Prosperity

The first step in spiritual discovery is seeing the blockages in our lives, understanding our chaos,  how you—and only you—create your reality.

Step two is doing the work to remove what the Zohar calls klipot (shells of negativity). These klipot distort what you see and are usually created by your own ego. Removing klipot is the life-long work of the kabbalist.

Join Eitan as he provides powerful ancient methods for reducing the strangle hold these negative shells have on us, and how you can become empowered to become the best "you" you can possibly be.

Key Highlights
    • Identifying our personal tikun
    • Seeing more negativity and blockages as we grow
    • The essence of spiritual work is to remove our ego
    • The story of the ten thieves
    • Gradually identifying our Tikun (correction)
    • Two areas of spiritual work:
      1. Actions and tools to bring Light into our lives
      2. Recognizing our negativity
    • The essence of Kabbalah is change
    • Pain, discomfort and negativity: negative actions feed the Klipot, shells of negativity or blockages
    • Unexplainable fears indicate that Klipot control that area of life
    • Pain indicates that the Klipot are blocking us
    • Embracing pain by asking for more
    • Homework: pick two uncomfortable situations, embrace pain and go against them
    • Being joyful as we transform our nature
    • Putting ourselves in others' shoes when they do not support us
    • Dealing with death